Kinetic Chromogenic LAL

Endotoxin testing with our kinetic chromogenic (KCA) LAL is a preferred choice by many due to the ease of use and stability of the reagent. Our optimized KCA formulation provides increased sensitivity, greater linearity, and superior interference-resistance, all of which make testing easy.

A kinetic assay, Endochrome-K provides quantitative endotoxin values in about an hour. A colorless substrate and LAL are co-lyophilized into a single, stable reagent offering unique stability when stored at -20C. Reconstituted LAL allows for extended bench time and reuse.

Endochrome-K is available in a kit format or in bulk packaging.

   Kinetic Chromogenic LAL Products



  Endochrome-K kit - 256 tests
  8-3.2 mL vials LAL

  2-10 ng CSE

  3-30 mL LAL reagent water


  Endochrome-K vial pack - 320 tests
  10-3.2 mL vials LAL


  Endochrome-K bulk pack - 3,200 tests


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