LAL Accessory Products

One of the most common reasons for inconsistent LAL results is contamination caused by uncontrolled accessories.

We offer two solutions to this common problem, both designed to help improve the consistency of your LAL results and the efficiency of your laboratory operation. For licensed applications, we supply all necessary accessory products, shipped with Certificates of Analysis certifying appropriate endotoxin levels. 

  • Control standard endotoxin (CSE) E. coli
  • Endotoxin-free test tubes
  • LAL reagent water
  • Endotoxin indicators for dry-heat oven validations
  • Depyrogenated glass pipettes
  • Eppendorf™ pipette tips
  • Buffers
  • 96-well polystyrene plates certified to 0.05 EU/ml and 0.005 EU/mL

   LAL Accessory Products




  CSE - 500 ng per vial

  6/pack   E 110

  CSE - 10 ng per vial

  6/pack   E 120

  Positive product controls (for single test)

  25/pack   PC 100

  Extended CSE dilution kit (CXE)


  LRW - 30 mL bottle, <0.0005 EU/mL

  12/pack   W130

  LRW - 50 mL bottle, <0.0005 EU/mL

  12/pack   W120

  LRW - 100 mL bottle, <0.0005 EU/mL

  6/pack   W110

  LRW - 500 mL bottle, <0.0005 EU/mL

  6/pack   W150

  30 mL 0.1 M tris buffer

  12/case   BT103

  5 mL 0.25 M tris buffer

  6/pack   BT101

  5.5 mL Endotoxin-specific buffer

  6/pack   BG120

  Endotoxin indicators - 2,000 EU

  12/pack   EVV2K

  Endotoxin indicators - 10,000 EU

  12/pack   EVV10K

  Endotoxin indicators - 100,000 EU

  12/pack   EVV100K  

  Endotoxin indicators - 1 million EU

  each   EVV1M

  Endotoxin indicators - 2.5 million EU

  each   EVV2.5M  

  Endotoxin indicators - 10 million EU

  each   EVV10M  

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