Endosafe®-PTS™ Gram ID

Are you still performing messy Gram stains and dealing with the containment and disposal of the hazardous waste? You can now eliminate the mess and time associated with traditional Gram stains and get Gram +, Gram - results in about 3 minutes with the Endosafe®-PTS™ Gram ID system.

The PTS Gram ID is an innovative, portable system that utilizes disposable cartridges pre-filled with all of the reagents for accurate, convenient Gram testing. The Gram ID utilizes a portable spectrophotometer that provides quantitative results that can be downloaded to your PC. Testing is fast and easy:

  • Enter your sample ID into the system’s memory using the keypad
  • Add your sample to the disposable cartridge pre-filled with all of the reagents needed for the assay
  • Press enter on the key pad

With quantitative results available in about 3 minutes, you can move on to the next step in your ID faster, eliminate costly disposal of biomedical waste, and decrease technician variability with this quantitative system. Product details:

  • System includes the reader and disposable cartridges
  • The Gram ID runs on battery power so testing can be performed any where
  • Quantitative results can be downloaded to a central PC for tracking and trending
  • No microbiology training is required – anyone can run this simple assay
  • Accuracy and specificity has been tested with over 70 organisms

To learn more about how this exciting technology can transform your endotoxin testing program, visit the Lab of Tomorrow, a virtual BET lab that features PTS and MCS.

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