Endosafe®-PTS™ BCA

Determining protein content in a sample is now easier than ever before – with no standard curves required. You can now get quantitative protein results down to 25 ug/mL in 20 minutes with the Endosafe®-PTS™ BCA system.

The PTS BCA is an innovative, portable system that utilizes disposable cartridges pre-filled with all of the reagents for accurate, convenient protein determination. The BCA utilizes a portable spectrophotometer that provides quantitative results that can be downloaded to your PC. Testing is fast and easy: 

  • Enter your sample ID into the system’s memory using the keypad
  • Add your sample to the disposable cartridge pre-filled with all of the reagents needed for the assay
  • Press enter on the key pad

This innovative system provides quantitative results in about 20 minutes without the need to set up and run a standard curve series, allowing you to move on to the next step in your research faster by eliminating laborious test procedures. Product details:

  • System includes the reader and disposable cartridges
  • The PTS BCA runs on battery power so testing can be performed anywhere
  • Quantitative results can be downloaded to a central PC for tracking and trending
  • No technical training is required – anyone can run this simple assay
  • The standard curve range is 25-500 ug/mL allowing a range of quantification
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