Are you testing multiple endotoxin samples at a time and waiting for results? The Endosafe®-MCS system allows users to test multiple samples easily and efficiently and receive results in as little as 15 minutes.

The Endosafe-MCS is a multi-cartridge system that utilizes FDA-licensed disposable cartridges for accurate, convenient endotoxin testing. The MCS is a bench-top test system that runs with your PC and EndoScan-VTM, Charles River’s endotoxin-measuring software. Each cartridge runs independently of the others. With random access, you can run your samples as needed and not wait for a full batch of samples for testing.

Testing is simple:

  • Enter your sample ID into EndoScan-V
  • Add your sample to the disposable LAL cartridge pre-filled with all of the reagents needed for the assay
  • Click on “start assay”

With quantitative endotoxin results available in 15 minutes, you will identify production problems faster, release product more efficiently, and get answers faster than ever before. Product details:

  • System includes the multi-cartridge reader, EndoScan-V software, and FDA-licensed LAL cartridges
  • Quantitative results can be downloaded to Microtrend software tracking and trending
  • Two levels of sensitivity are available – 0.01 EU/mL and 0.05 EU/mL – for testing options
  • No microbiology training is required – anyone can run this simple assay
  • System qualification and validation support is provided if needed

Find out more about how the PTS™ and MCS™ can transform your endotoxin testing program by visiting our PAT-aligned virtual BET lab, the Lab of Tomorrow.

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